Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Days of my Life...

Guess this is gonna be a continuing series of events, updates or what ever the heck i am thinking it to be that will document the small headways that i make in my research as a Geo-acoustic Research Engineer. Sounds kinda funky, but trust me it is more or less like any other research work, back breaking literature reviews and a whole lot of figuring out of what on earth is 'that' supposed to mean. Yes, with my back ground in applied geology and marine geology-geophysics it is quite a lot of work in order to get into the flow of things, but i guess that finally after a few months of flowing with the tide, i've at learned to hold against the flow. Now starts the slow and tedious job of slowly making headway against the flow. But i guess that's gonna take some time getting enough grip in order to fight against the flow, so it would be better i work up enough friction beneath my feet before i attempt that.
So from today onwards i believe i will be documenting all the small things that i read, understand, try working out and most of all the stupid/funny things that might be happening in the course of my day.

So much for the intro.... now me back to work...

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