Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life of a Curry Leaf

Moral of the story : You're never the taste but just a tastemaker.....

Dear Leaf,
The whole purpose of your life is to be at the right place to be picked up..... and then later on thrown away. That's the whole idea, be there and be ready.... cos that's your desity. But by then you have already performed the most important task of your whole being, that is to be plucked out, washed carefully... gee isn't it a nice feeling, then placed neatly at one corner of the plate... oh this place is not of any importance if you know what i mean, but still u will have a place for the time being maybe for a few fleeing moments of your life. Be thankful for that few moments.
Then comes the first hardest task and let me tell you, this is not as hard as i make it sound and definitely not the worst. But believe me when i tell you that its gonna be really painfu now. This is when you are violently thrown into the boiling oil along with couple of other fellow contenders and here starts the painful act of loosing your self. Your whole identity gets sapped off you... and you're becoming a part of the smouldering oil. Boyy.. have you lost yourself.... You may call this as an act of selflessness, but not me though, if there is a purpose in your life, how can it be an act of selflessness, then it's not your life's purpose and in most probability it's someone elses. It's like the oil giving an insolent grin and saying to you, gee...i've taken off that last bit of your diginity away... But my dear you see, you'll feel grateful for this act of wickedness later on.
Well, to make you feel a little better, let me tell you something. People actually make quite a big fuss if you're not available or not part of the plan, why exactly, i know not. You're not going to be spotlight star of the whole action, worse you're not even the unsung hero. But strangely people does that, i mean make a fuss as if it all depended on you.
Now that your actual purpose is fulfilled, probably they should've taken you and thrown you away right then and there itself but unfortunately they dont.... you are supposed to lie there and get boiled along with all the others, who ofcourse have better roles to play than you. Here they remove every last bit of you, off you. You become what they call selfless, your color is gone, your vital contents are gone... and this prolonged boiling is actually quite painful than the initial, being hurled into the oil act, as you get to see every last bit of you leaving, lost for ever. Hold your tears big guy, it will come useful later on.
This process goes on for quite sometime, oh and it's not for you of course, it's for those other fellows who is in der with you, The Celebrities of Life. After this comes a certain come when the fire goes off from underneath your ass.
Later, you find yourself being lifted off in a ladle along with the rest of the them. You find yourself right in the middle of the meal plate, a place of houour, i guess and may be the last chance to collect your thoughts dear. It is now that the fateful hand comes down to pick you up carefully with out disturbing anyone else and if the are cultered, they might keep you on the side of the plate or else you find yourself thrown on to the table.
Your life is over buddy, from here you'll find yourself swept off to the waste basket and ultimately in the dump. Let me tell you, i really understand how bad you feel now. Sympatheis from the bottom of my heart and maybe sub-bottom too. And that's the end of it my dear, your end of course.
In the end, no one misses you my dearest Curryleaf and this is true, maybe try to find some solace in it.
Lesson : You are not the taste, though you have it inside you, you're what they call the tastemaker. It's always for someone else.