Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Never tooo LatE....

It took me 5 years to realize it. Finally once again a blind plunge, into the unknown, uncertain tomorrow, letting go of every thing that was thought to be the so called securities of life. Feels kinda funny, after all in a foreign land, with no immediate family or friends to turn to... maybe that's why i am me... the mad hatter in Alice's wonderland. Leaving a good job in the middle of economic recession, of course its not what sane people do or for that, even the marginally insane also wont do something like that.
Actually the prompt for writing this was a comment by one of my known guys in facebook. "We work very hard to earn a living...... but are we really living? or merely existing? what do u think?". And i got the answer to the question that was gnawing my heart, did i really want to live and was that the reason for my drastic step?
Well i did it, after being married to some bad and not so happy jobs... i am finally free to pursue what my mind wants to follow... and just now i realised, its never tooo late...


  1. i think we should hunt for jobs we like and not just simply work to eat. well, we all need some $ for our survival but, besides that, we need a sense of job fulfillment,passion and purpose. being in the right job with the right passion will bring you to much greater heights. yes, although many would laugh at the fact that u made a drastic decision now. however, i am fully supportive of your own persuit of happiness in finding a much fullfilled job in the future and live life more abundantly. :) all the best, bro.

  2. i lyk ur story...abd i agree that we all feel like we have done a big blunder but when we look at it after a while.....we know that we did the right thing...it always takes all of us time to accept changes in our lives but we do accept it at some point in life.
    i feel that life is like a train journey .it goes superfast before the blink of an eys.....we go up and down hills......but i guess there will be some happiness at the end of every road........but soemtimes we have to thrive till the every end of the train journey to find that happiness....

  3. Hi,

    Most of the times , one realises one's passion in life, quite late. The sooner you discover it,the more purposeful and fulfilling life becomes. I guess all of us go through such pangs at some point of time or other when one begins to wonder what we are really doing now, and what we really ought to be doing.. Some realise their purpose, passions early on, but guess everyon'e not that lucky :)

  4. well i always thought of a time machine to go back life and undo so many things.. well after reading this.. am not actually into a livin.. stil wid my parents livin lyk a parasite.. but its coming into me fast.. ive my own safe spots. comfort zones. n after reading this i came to know the fact that i have to leave all these one day.

    its never too late u say.. well i start from now onwards to do what i love.. n love being what i do

    tanx ..